Biodynamic Cranial Osteopathy for all the Family

for newborn babies, throughout childhood, the teenage years, adulthood and into older age. Gentle yet powerful hands-on treatment to help you fulfil your potential at all stages and transitions of life

Hello and welcome to my website!

You are probably here because you, or someone you love, are in some kind of pain and you wonder how I might be able to help.

Osteopaths are often known for helping with back pain and actually we can help with much more than this using our safe gentle and effective whole body approach. I am committed to getting to the root cause of whatever is troubling you. If for some reason I can’t help I will do my best to find you a practitioner who can.

I am extremely experienced, highly qualified as well as friendly and open and I enjoy working with adults, babies and children to help them fulfil more of their potential for health and happiness.

Please have a look around my website to see what I do and how I can help you…





child with mental disability sticking out tongue near mother and blurred flowers