"I cannot recommend Ruth Wharton highly enough to friends who have any trouble with childrens' health or indeed their own. I have found Ruth to be a practitioner who takes utmost care to address my health issues and explain things to me in an accessible and friendly manner. I would go so far as to say that Ruth's treatments of my son have saved me a lot of time and money and worry. She has reduced my daughter's headaches, helped my husband's condition, and improved my back. Ruth has expert diagnostic ability, a facilitative and caring way with people and I would choose no other cranial osteopath. If I could think of any further praise I would say it, so please take it as said, because I am sooo grateful Ruth is local for our family's health!"

KD, Lewes

"Ruth has treated me for a range of problems including sports injuries and after I was in a car crash. Each treatment has been professional, friendly and effective. Ruth has a caring, personable approach, making it easy to relax. I highly recommend seeing her for any problems!"

HA, Maidstone

"I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue for 5 years. The illness retired me from my professional career. One of the things the consultant Rheumatologist told me on my medical retirement was that I would never recover. At that time I could not climb my own stairs or really walk. I have sought many treatments and explored psychological therapies and alternative therapies such as massage and acupuncture.
There is no approved biomedical treatment for this condition and because it is psychosomatic in the truest sense, being both physiological and triggered by psychological stress, then purely psychological treatments cannot work on their own because psychological understanding and emotional expression cannot cure the different immune weaknesses and inflammatory responses associated with this condition.
Ruth's treatment is the one thing out of all the myriad of cures and treatments I have tried, that has helped me the most. It continues to help me, and is absolutely invaluable when I have relapses. My health is so much better and unrecognisable from the invalid I was five years ago. Ruth's treatment helps me sleep, it calms my nervous system allows me to relax, and has helped my colitis and irritable gut. My system becomes more realigned and this improvement in my energy and physical well being has helped me to recover a lot of my lost health and energy. I have back a quality of life that 5 years ago seemed impossible. Ruth's kindness and skill and her enormous knowledge in understanding this condition has been central in my recovery to date. I recommend her completely to anyone who suffers from this horrible illness or has a child who is suffering. Ruth's ability as a cranial osteopath to alleviate and heal my condition is truly wonderful. I cannot recommend her enough."

JC, Lewes

"My son had terrible night terrors and after two treatments (as she predicted) they stopped, they only re-occur when he has an accident or any worries (again as predicted). He loves to go and see her and is immediately relaxed in her company. I have also been seeing Ruth myself as I have anxiety issues and back problems, I always feel amazing when I come out and things are improving all the time. Ruth has a lovely bedside manner and her new space is so calming and colourful."

JR, Withyham

"My son was born with learning and spinal disabilities, was often in pain and had limited strength and understanding. Ruth's approach to his care and treatment was amazing and over time his strength, mobility and independence improved. This gentle approach to his health had such a powerful healing effect but the way Ruth delivered it was professional, respectful and amazing"

KH, Kent

"I had tried to take my 7yo to several practitioners but, being on the spectrum and very frightened of letting somebody touch him and of new places and people, he refused to cooperate and I've had to cancel appointments in the past or turn up with a screaming child who refuses to enter the room and be seen. Ruth completely understood and was great at helping my son feel at ease in her clinic and with her. She managed to connect with him very quickly and allowed us to visit beforehand, and he has now had 4 successful appointments with her! We've made good progress already and I'm very happy to have found her!"

US, Lewes

"Ruth has an amazingly reassuring and nurturing nature which immediately put me at ease. Having osteopathic treatment with Ruth has helped me to heal some difficult physical issues I had, as well as allowed my body to find its own self-correcting ability. When I'm having a session and for some time to follow I feel in a deeply rested place which feels essential in such busy and hectic times.
I feel she is a natural healer on every level, my body responds so well to Ruth's way of working and I always feel an invigorating shift after a treatment.
She is committed to her work and I feel that when I receive a treatment I am truly blessed to have found her."

LD, Lewes

"I have been seeing Ruth for almost a year now. When I go to see her I feel totally safe and I trust her very much. I had a medical problem that had been with me since a very young age and as soon as I went to see Ruth it started to get better and now after a few months it has almost fully recovered. I feel totally safe with Ruth, she is a very kind and sensitive person and I love having her as my osteopath."

PCD, 13, Lewes

"Being treated by Ruth is a wonderful experience on so many levels - she is a very experienced and knowledgeable osteopath, which shows during the treatment. She is both reassuring and gentle with the treatment. Best of all perhaps, is that I felt so much better!"

JM, Lewes

"Wonderful! I was amazed at how effective Ruth's treatment was. It was so gentle, but made such a difference"

SG, Seaford

"I have been seeing Ruth for a number of years now, for treatments for myself and my son (now six). We have had a number of treatment programmes, some one-off preventative, and some longer reactive treatments. This has been for diverse needs from recovery from and alleviation of seizures, to a sprained ankle, to relieving a very tight jaw. I am absolutely in awe of how Ruth works and the results that she gets. Her care is genuine, professional and from the heart. That I take my son back to her is testament to how strongly I feel about the work that Ruth does and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone"

AE, Lewes

"I have had Osteopathy on and off over my life for a chronic illness and I can truthfully say that Ruth is the best Osteopath that has ever treated me. The results of her work have been amazing. If you are considering Osteopathy, then there is no better practitioner, than Ruth, in my opinion. My returning health is evidence of this!"

JC, Lewes

"Ruth is very knowledgeable and passionate about osteopathy and she's able to get to the heart of what's going on for me every time. I experience the sessions as deeply restorative and like I've been realigned to the natural health within my body. I can't recommend Ruth highly enough"

LF, Lewes

"I became a great believer in Cranial Osteopathy after meeting Ruth who is definitely the best practitioner l have ever had. Ruth's passion for her work and commitment to my well being contributed to my full recovery after a traumatic injury"

JFK, Brighton

"Having suffered neck and back pain for a considerable amount of time, and sought various treatments, I accepted that this was just something I had to learn to manage and live with. However, after one particularly painful period, I was recommended to Ruth and although initially uncertain about seeking another opinion I am delighted that I did. Ruth’s treatment has undoubtedly resulted in a significant improvement in my overall health and outlook on how to manage my body. I now participate in active sports again without fear of pain after. Not only that, but I have also benefited from Ruth’s infectious outlook on life, health and wellbeing. Ruth’s approach is calm, understanding, immensely knowledgeable and provides confidence and reassurance. I would wholeheartedly recommend Ruth to anyone."

SH, Newick